Draw On!

March 28 to April 4, 2009

Sponsored by the Aldrich Contemporary Art Museum, this week-long celebrationencourages kids and "grown–up kids" to put down their electronic devices – and pick up their pencils and paintbrushes to Draw On! And that means draw on everything from paper to paper cups, old catalogue cards, napkins, newspaper, wood, clay, etc. This effort continues Peter's work as champion of creativity and self-expression – dedicated to getting distracted, overscheduled kids and adults to create more and consume less.

New York Times Best Selling Author/Illustrator of "storybooks for all ages" (The Dot,IshSo Few of Me) Peter H. Reynolds explains, "We're so obsessed with Blackberries, Wiis, texting, iPhones, iPods, Twitter and Facebook that we're forgetting to make things. Electronic chatter and media will only increase, so we need to find balance before we lose touch with our artful, ishful selves." Reynolds is also founder of FableVision, an educational media & technology developer and publisher that creates products promoting creativity and self-expression. He has spoken nationally and internationally about the need to bring creativity back into the public school system.

Locally, a series of Draw On! events will be held at award-winning children's book & toy shop The Blue Bunny in historic Dedham Square. As General Manager Janet Reynolds reports, "The Blue Bunny's mission is to inspire creativity and self-expression in kids and grown–up kids – so we're especially excited about doing Draw On!, and we're very proud and excited that Peter is helping spearhead this effort with Maurice Sendak." More information about the event will be posted on The Blue Bunny's website, its Facebook Group page, and Twitter/thebluebunny.

Click here for more Draw On! information – and/or to set up a local Draw On! site.