Bite Club

Client: Commonwealth

In an effort to help low-income young adults build basic financial literacy skills, FableVision developed a series of online games for Commonwealth. The games – Farm Blitz (interest compounding, debt, savings), Bite Club (saving for retirement), and Refund Rush (tax time saving) – teach consumers how to better manage their money. Bite Club is the first vampire-themed financial literacy game that encourages savings. The game is a resource management game where players learn key financial information about the importance of paying off debt and saving for retirement by taking on the role of a vampire club owner.

A Peek Inside


2013 EIFLE (Excellence in Financial Literacy Education) Award for Staples Inc. Bite Club

2012 Eddy Award

2012 New England Employee Benefit Council Best Practices Award

2012 MarCom Award

2012 PSCA Award for honorable mention

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