Spy Video TRAKR

Client: Wild Planet Entertainment, Inc.

Part of Wild Planet's popular Spy Gear brand, the Spy Video TRAKR was the first app-enabled, remote-controlled vehicle that digitally transmitted color video, audio, and data. FableVision created a companion site for the Spy Video TRAKR, which was available several years ago.

SpyGear.net invited kids to bring their own creativity and problem-solving skills to the TRAKR play experience. Users could download, create, and share custom apps created for the TRAKR for free. SpyGear.net had bright, tech-y features, an online community, and a leveled game-like experience that fostered a basic understanding of logic and programming.

The website's APP BUILDR tool created custom apps through an easy-to-learn interface that taught the fundamentals of programming, and featured both code for advanced users and an icon-based language for beginners and younger users. Players embarked on one of the suggested mission quests, or kept up with their personal ranking amongst the community of other fellow TRAKRs.