“The Water Princess” Film

Client: Weston Woods / Penguin Random House

Inspired by the childhood of model Georgie Badiel, The Water Princess welcomes us into the world of young Princess Gie Gie, who lives with her family in a village in Africa. FableVision Studios and Weston Woods worked together to produce an animated version of the book The Water Princess, written by Susan Verde with Georgie Badiel, illustrated by Peter H. Reynolds, and published by Penguin Random House in 2016. Georgie is founder of The Georgie Badiel Foundation. The Foundation encourages educators and community leaders to incorporate The Water Princess, to engage, educate, and inspire students to become global citizens and join their mission.

Staying true to the art style of the book, FableVision made a faithful recreation of the same rich, warm colors as the original Peter H. Reynolds illustrations. The film follows the trajectory of the original book, with two new visual scenes added at key moments to maintain a comfortable balance between engaging visuals and voice-over dialogue.

A Peek Inside


Product: animation

Age Range: all ages

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