The Silliest Counting Show

Client: Sesame Studios

FableVision Studios is putting the silly in math and counting education with the premiere of The Silliest Counting Show for Sesame Studios, the YouTube destination for kids from the makers of Sesame Street. FableVision produced the live action video starring a two and four-year-old for a humorous, educational vignette on counting to build a basic foundation for fostering skills in math and engineering. The video teaches counting and sequencing and folds in lessons on patience, tolerance, and creative problem solving.

With original content including script and story provided by FableVision, the live-action video has a playful score for background music. The video offers a soothing, mellow color palette balanced by sunny spots around a cozy playroom set strewn with toys. FableVision supplemented the live action with animated title cards, motion graphics, and a fun crayon font for the animated toy blocks and numbers.

A Peek Inside


Product: live action video with motion graphics

Age Range: 2-4

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