The Reflection in Me

Written by Marc Colagiovanni

You are perfectly perfect just the way you are! Marc Colagiovanni, an attorney based in Rhode Island, has a positive message to share with the world. The new filmmaker approached FableVision Studios to help him produce an animated version of his story The Reflection in Me. The film’s goal is to empower children of all ages to find the courage to look inside and love themselves as they are. 

With FableVision founder and renowned children’s book author Peter H. Reynolds at the helm as illustrator and executive producer, The Reflection in Me follows the impactful experience of a child going through the practice of self-love and acceptance. The film seeks to promote the message of having a positive self-image and unconditional love. 

FableVision adapted Marc’s story for the screen, producing a storyboard and original music for the animated film. Peter H. Reynolds supplied art and story direction as executive director. His original character designs convey an illustrative, whimsical look and feel, adding to the beautiful animated film that’s sure to capture hearts. 

A Peek Inside


Product: animation

Age Range: all ages

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