Generation Cures

Client: Children's Hospital Trust

Generation Cures, produced by FableVision Studios, is the world's first "caring and curing" website and family resource. Children's Hospital Trust approached FableVision with a challenge: create a philanthropy campaign for childhood-related medical research and care, and center it on tweens. Generation Cures is that solution. Working closely with doctors and medical staff, FableVision developed a ground-breaking approach to motivate tweens to care about and help other children through entertainment, story, and gaming. The transmedia property began with Zebrafish, a series of animated webisodes, and Caduceus: Staff of the Alchemist, an online game–both created by FableVision–and all housed within the site. We have continued to extend the property, and it now consists of ten webisodes, an online game, a mobile app, a Facebook game, and two graphic novels (published by Simon & Schuster)

A Peek Inside


Product: transmedia property

Age Range: middle school

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