FableFriday is a monthly blog feature where we provide a closer look at our staff and the partners we collaborate with on award-winning projects on a daily basis.

The FableFriday series has evolved to represent the rich, fabled, pedagogical approach that FableVision brings to all of our collaborations. It’s a collection of accounts from innovative, engaged creatives all working together to create stories that matter and move.

As we continue on our 200-year-long mission, you'll continue to hear from our leadership team and some of our partners to learn about trends, gather inspiration, and hear our stories. You can also read FableFriday spotlights on all of our staff members on our Team page.


Laura Evans
Georgia Public Broadcasting

How the powerful potential of play is striking the right balance of education and entertainment for young learners.


Sep Riahi | Olivia Levenson
Global Tinker

A new approach to short-form content is leveraging STEAM and the Maker Movement to encourage girls to imagine, create, and learn.

Chad Dorsey
The Concord Consortium

Game-based learning continues to change the edtech landscape by teaching middle and high school students about science and genetics. 

mia doces.jpg

Mia Doces
Committee for Children

Award-winning social-emotional learning curriculum is enriched and informed by this former educator's time in the classroom. 


Cass Berger | J Milligan
Lanky Co.

This dynamic duo is on a mission to create high-quality, kid-focused projects to delight and entertain audiences.

Nick Maynard

The crossroads of gaming and financial literacy is changing the way we talk about how to manage our money—and prepare for the future.


Christopher Spivey
Classroom, Inc.

Literacy, leadership, and workplace readiness skills all come together in learning games for students in high-needs communities. 


Chris Jackson
Big Picture Learning

An innovative school model works to reimagine education by helping students create their own learning paths.

Lori Cooney
Institute for Community Inclusion

Inclusive education ensures that children of all abilities learn 21st century skills to prepare for college and career readiness.


Gary Goldberger

FableVision's president brings a unique perspective to many of our projects, overseeing production and serving as executive creative director.

Peter H. Reynolds

FableVision's founder shares the story of how it all began—and the secret to surviving and thriving for 20 years as a creative studio.

Paul Reynolds

Creative educator, award-winning author, and FableVision's CEO is a passionate advocator of life-long learning in and outside the classroom.


Marc Colagiovanni
The Reflection in Me

An attorney by practice, this filmmaker made his mark by boldly pursuing his dream to become a writer by working with Peter H. Reynolds.