This is a special year for FableVision. We’re celebrating 20 years of designing and developing a wide array of engaging media that have inspired, taught, and moved people to action. Behind this mission-driven company is a team committed to creating positive media to help move the world to a better place. This special series highlights some of our crazy-talented artist-friends we've worked with over the past 20 years. To help us celebrate our 20th anniversary, we asked each of them to put their own spin on a FableVision logo.

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Tami Wicinas is a freelance illustrator and mobile game artist in San Francisco. Born and raised in the Bay Area, she loved to draw as soon as she was able to hold a crayon. She moved east to earn a BFA in illustration at the Rhode Island School of Design, then spent seven years living in Boston, MA working as an artist at FableVision. We asked Tami what FableVision means to her. Check out what she has to say!

Tami Wicinas

Tell us about the logo you designed: 
While looking at all those points in the FableVision logo, one of the first things that popped into my head was unicorns, and that's what felt the most right to me. Everyone I had the privilege of working with at FableVision Studios is a unicorn, because FableVisionaries are rare, kind, inspiring, amazingly talented people as well as legendary, mythical creatures. Catch one now before it gets away!

What's your favorite FableVision memory?
My favorite FableVision memory is when we sent the spy tracker toy over to Jumpstart next door with a plate on top of it and both an audio recording and a sign that read "put a cookie on me." We had a lot of fun and laughter that day, and silly, creative moments like that help make FableVision a unique studio.