Elegance, functionality, and style – TableVision provides creative options for solo or family dining. Located in Boston’s Innovation District, TableVision is on a 200-year mission to truly bring innovative ideas to the eating experience.

Originally an award-winning transmedia development studio called FableVision, the concept for TableVision birthed from a desire to combine television viewing and family dinner.

"Research shows that the average American spends 34 hours a week watching television which is interrupted three hours a day for food consumption,” TableVision founder Peter H. Reynolds said. “Can you imagine what will happen when we can reclaim some of those lost hours of viewing by simply ‘turning on the table?’ At FableVision our mission for years was to serve learners of all ages media-rich educational programming; now, as TableVision, we’ll be serving them right at their own dinner tables.”


From that simple insight, the Raphael was created. With elegant curvature and polished architecture, the Raphael’s rich mahogany tones are the perfect setting for all your family's intimate TV-viewing moments.

TableVision provides a full line of dining experiences from the Sydney and Simon outdoor table to the multi-sized Vashti to the every-day stylings of the Marisol.

The style, craftsmanship, and timeless design of each TableVision piece is guaranteed to act as heirloom furniture that your family’s china will treasure for generations to come.

“It’s clear to us that media has become an increasingly ubiquitous part of our daily lives,” TableVision’s CEO Paul Reynolds said. “We’re moving the meter in dining excellence.”

Keeping true to its mission to air “stories that move when you don’t want to,” all TableVision tables can be customized to include or not include a television.

President Gary Goldberger said the decision to remove the TVs from the tables evolved from the customer viewing habits.

“It’s all moving to mobile,” Goldberger said. “Tablets, phones, and laptop computers are replacing the standard TV set. At TableVision we are technology agnostic and adapt our products to fit the needs of our clients.”

TableVision is currently working on a line of very thin tablets that can be used as placemats.

With a diverse line of table options, TableVision is THE stop for your dining needs. Catalogs will be available at the end of the month, but preorders are being accepted to select VIP customers. Check back later this month to see the full line of TV-meets-dining TableVision tables. 

*Chairs not included. Interested in purchasing a chair? Visit our sister company, TableVision Seating located in Historic Dedham Square.