Toca TV: Don’t Mix Us Up and Messie

Client: Toca Boca

Toca Boca, the no. 1 mobile first kids brand on the App Store, launches its much anticipated video streaming service for kids: Toca TV — marking the company's first move into kids’ video. Toca TV, the new subscription-based streaming service, offers kids a carefully curated library of content selected specifically for kids ages 5-9. FableVision collaborated with Toca Boca to create two series of animated shorts for the new service. 

Taking a concept provided by Toca Boca, FableVision created original character and background designs for a series of animated shorts for distribution through Toca TV, the new subscription-based streaming service. In Messie, imaginary play sprouts from making messes in a fantastical series of animated shorts about a little girl who has a penchant for being clumsy. Each episode takes the viewer on a lighthearted journey when a girl’s messes (spilled drinks, melted popsicles, dropped glue) morph into playful monsters. 

Then, looking to hold true to the signature fun, quirky, surprising Toca Boca brand, FableVision Studios pitched and developed an original concept for Toca TV.  Meet five pairs of items that look the same and are easily mistaken for each other: Cabbage and Lettuce, Salt and Sugar, Mustache and Eyebrow, Whipped Cream and Shaving Cream, and Zero and the letter O. In a series of musical animations, each pair sings a song that explains what each item is respectively known for to make sure that you “Don’t Mix Them Up!” 

A Peek Inside

Product: two series of five 2-minute animated shorts

Age Range: 5-9

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